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The U.S. Congressional Great Man Project 21


Att: Alabama Election Commissions




Judicial notice to comply to the only subversive law of the land signed by the congress veto by the president over ruled by the congress.





Came to this court Jan. 15, 2017 U.S. Congressional Great Man who comes as the first army navy civilian perhaps a soldier who never smelled the muster of gun powder The “Great man” Known as a “Freedmen Bureau Agent” with Judicial notice to comply to the only subversive law of the land Federal law 241 which was adopted into 14th amendment and USC 18 section241 and 242.


This law orders that only Republican can be in the Congress and democrat are misplace. At the same time made a marine civilian a federal judge immune for all crimes including murder to enforce the violation the constitution and this federal and stay in place until we are a republic again. No party can appeal and can not be sued.


This U.S. Marine force Recon with a protect and defend oath for life and a marine for life who under this law is protected my military and other agencies comes forth after a request from over 100 citizens .Where they question!



!. The first question was why is goggle and most map the Tn. Southern border is in the middle of the nick a jack lake southeast most loop outer bank and following the 35 parallel east to N.C. And West to the Mississippi river which 39th st. the Georgia, Tn.and N.C. 38th street St. St. Elmo Tn. Border pin.


Here the problem on the earth the border is on route 193 one mile down the road. This one mile strip follow from N.c to the Mississippi river allow Tn to keep the massive land grab in the past and steal and from all southern border states. While forcing N.C. To grab land over the S.C. 35th parallel.


So with six states borders in conflict we have S.C> voting in N.C. While tn is allowing all the citizens in the one strip across the state to vote in Tn. While goggle says they live in Alabama, Miss. Ga. Which violate the law ! You can not have a citizen from Al. To vote in Tn. And your state been doing that for 145 years.


This U.S. Congressional Great Man is the highest judge of the land he can also remove all U.S. Supreme court judges and rule on anything doing with land and no appeal can granted. So Land what that mean that congress wanted a great man to order our land a republic in the future so here I am .


The second question is We do all of soldier take a oath to a republic then we go in other counties who are a republic and kill the republicans to make them a democracy and no one takes a oath to a democracy .


While in Nashville in our military park there is Troyen horse in disguise of a Greek soldier who is 10 feet high at the front door for ww1 . At the same time our best soldiers for Korea is three feet high and for Vietnam is five feet with core men and radio man at the ground cellar and fly the U.S. Flag and the state flag equal. This force recon marine didn't know he was working Troyen horse .


The third question is . It was said in the Tn. Supreme court went asks they do you fly the gold around our U.S.Flag it said there is no judicial value about gold flag we put there to enhance the beauty of it .So there saying our flag is ugly. So our flag was invaded Federal law 241 seen a 39th congressional globe page 3841 and 3842 starting at the third column.


We Are not a republic while invader can not change the law not even 2017




Judicial execution notice to comply


  1. The state of Alabama must close their election process until the following is complete


Move the northern boundary to the 35th parallel.


The land around the new boundary must be a Republic so when we ``` says two a Republic we mean it. Our two party system is faulty this `` 1866 congress said so. No democrats alouded. The real parties must be moderate or radical like Lincoln


The state of Alabama must use the national guard to state behind the Great Man at the correct line to re drive the pin.


The state of Alabama must have their police, fire, schools, emergence team must move forward one mile to the 35th parallel


The state of Alabama must have their U.S. Senator and house of ```` ``` representative member along with their state congress members must move forward +to the 35th parallel+


The state of Alabama must must issue new property deeds for all property ```` owners in the effected area and add all citizens into their voting system and send ```` them all important information like laws tax rate in a government welcome to ``` Alabama website


The state of Alabama must remove all the Red White ,blue and gold from ``` all of Alabama land and only allow the Red, White, and Blue over Alabama land


The state of Alabama must use their national guard to state behind the `` Great Man while the state of Alabama road crew remove all Tn. Signs ``` and replace welcome to Alabama at all roads crossing 35th parallel.


Being the highest federal judge of the land for judges and land I must say i'm ``` `` sicken of this massive voter fraud , thief of taxes of all types, stealing water from `````a neighbor while they send the a truck full of water as a joke, while saying `` ```` you can not have any water with ugly face.


This was a hate crime in my book all the way back to1930 illegal land grab all

public buildings are `now the properties of Alabama. and the U.S. Supreme court can not help any grieving party because it said in column three that a great man can remove those judges and no appeal can be had.


Therefor The state of Alabama is ordered that the state of Alabama crease on 11/8/2017 their land voting rights until all citizens are within Alabama State line of 35th parallel and their northern boundary line is corrected and all Judicial execution notice to comply are completed and no appeal may obtained to any of the under usc 18 section 241 and 242 dating back July 16, 1866 as seen in 39th Congressional globe page 3841 and 3842 that congress of that but into law until we are republic again.


It is So ordered by a U.S. Congressional Great Man made by the order of an U.S. Congress who found out they was invaded by democracy and forces all republicans to a traitor to the Republic and the red, white and who was ordered by the U.S. marine if he found a flag pole over a 100 feet cliff where the flag was falling to jump off the 100 feet cliff and hit the first so the flag does not touch the ground


and no appeal can be had. Make it so! With this certified signature place on this document 11/8/2017 and my commission stop at dead!


Semp fi America


Basil Marceaux Sr


Tennessee controler  was sent there version of this congressional  Great man order.


Miss,ga.,n.c., s.c. will received there son . a copy will be to the federal election commisson.