You tell me citizens is the state of Tn.  murdering citizens: Tennessee Supreme Court in frank Barrett hey Kevin David versus Davidson County Tennessee said 2nd court cannot do punishment only penalty maximum $50 fine and no attorney general in any city or second courts. Then the citizen go session court for any type of crime including murder and then he thinks punishment by sending people to grand jury then you go death row and get  electrocute the over overruling their Supreme Court and my 27 wins between 2010 and 2022. That's that's why we went to Iraq he didn't listen their Supreme Court, but we've been doing it for 220 years. It is time to stop this madnest and elect me for your next governor.

1.  I would support moving the state southern border from N.C. To the Mississsippi River to the 35 degree parallel and not 34th. if your are arrested in east ridgeyour are in the 34th which is in Ga..                                                                                                          2. This is  where  you go to court in Tn. making everyone not to  get a fair trial. see tab   email me I will sent you a copy of the map                                                                                                                              3. I would support the idea the separation of church and state to be reversed for 2020-. Because the judge who intruped that idea was wrong! What jefferson said you citizens can believe in what god  you want, but this government will believe  in Christ. Then three year became a traitor by becoming democrat president                                                          4. I would support a  proclamation nation widewide that christian debt jubilee pardoning  all the debt  of all citizens every fifteen year.                                                                                                                                   5.  I would support fighting for your rights,  Education one and two,  open door policies. A spaceship platform here to go to the stars                                                                                                              6. I would support a proclamation to disassembling of the state,county, city Bar Associations for non - compliance to u.s. ,Tn. Supreme Court Tn.Criminal and civil appeal court dicisions   though--1866-2018. See knownels vs Iowa; Frank Brarret and kevin davis v D                                                                                                                  7.I'm  for all amendments but here i must say  2nd amendment rights  but you must remember what the constitution really says. IT says you have right to  protect ourseves from the government. It does not say it for hunting.                                                                                                                                                   8.So if the government is coming at us with assault rifes we need one. Especially after reading jfk tab the Russians are coming!                                                                                               

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So what new for this election: Well in 2010 it was brought to my attention my our legislators giving Ga. A truck full of bottle water when they ask for their water back and they did it with a ugly face!


So here it goes , in 1986 in U.s. Vs Price a case from Al. confirmed that U.S. Code 18 section 241 and 242 was from the 1866 era and is still in force today. But the arguing parties only argued the parts that was needed for that case. With that being said the other side of those acts are also law with both being a subversive law of the land until we are a republic again!


In 2010 I introduce to the public my new badge around my neck the number on it is 241 the same as price case. What the price did not tell any one is that our county was invaded by democracy but they did not say that one of the signer of the constitution Thomas Jefferson became a Jacobin of that time said by justice Chase of the supreme court, with Burr, Clinton, Madison helpers.


Now comes the good part it made an army navy civilian that a marine civilian a federal judge of judges and land called a Great Man / Bureau Bureau Agent and when they ruled no appeal can be obtained for any party. So looking though the eyes of a congressional order subversive law of the land Great Man judge and a Bureau Bureau Agent I started with getting a map.



So I went to the Hamilton County map makers who are county employees paid by the citizens by the mayor to make a couple of maps . They started with a map of 6 states Tn. Ga., Al.,Miss.,N.C.,S.C., then lay a latitude longitude grid over the map correctly to show the correct spot for the 35 parallel where the the U.S. Congress order to be the Tn., N.C.., . Southern border and Ga. Miss, Al. ,GA..


Now you must remember the GPS was introduce to civilian world in 1980 with a 99.9% accuracy. With this grid in place the Ga.,Al.,Tn. Intersect at coordinates 35 latitude by 85616412 right in the middle of the lake, so not only does Ga. owns parts of the water so does Alabama. With that being said the line where it is now at coordinates 34.984812 by 85604739 must be moved from the intersection of S.C....,N.C. All the way too the Mississippi River.


Looking though the eyes of this Great Man / Bureau Bureau Agent judge I must still look why the border is that far off. And the only reason I found was the surveyor was scared of the Indians,but if that was the case at that time the army would of came and back the Indians back to enforce the congressional order.


This is what I see is Tn. Did a big land grab and stole all the cities along Ga. + tn. would be line  while at the same time stole land from Al. and Mississippi borders taking all its resources as their own including the people that slavery in 1700 and in 2017 there is about 1,278.786 is voter fraud.


Then you have all the tax money. It seem our state needed more voters to shift the power of the parties and now once known created a five state voter fraud program and must be fix.


To get the rest of the story go to moving the Tn. Border tab on this site. Beware there are a couple typo there.

The second thing this election: new thing fo


In 2018  I said under the Mean of vindication Act which is the same thing as the Civil Right Act of 1866 that I will immune you from all crimes except for constitution crime for life. Well that received a lot of hits not many .


So this 2018 election I will make god first and in Tennessee there will never be any doubt that god is first . So I ask god to show me what to do for all the corruption  in the lower court of our judicatory where higher rules and no one listen .


While we add it to the border corruption the cities and county are stealing million of dollars from the citizens. So I was guided to use a part of the Bible where it talks about a christian jubilee .


So this is what I'm was led to say every citizen who has any debt and has a hardship in paying that debt would join me in a nation wide christian debt jubilee and all the debt nation wide will be forgiven except for companies who are in debt.



Now why do we do this ? We are telling people outide of u.s.. we put Christ first and we do not want negitive people corrupting of our god.  A person with a gun with god most likly would not come in any school and kill anyone or etc..




So now we come to the third closes thing to my heart! The Tn. Supreme Court,Tn. Criminal court and Tn Civil court of appeals said over the last seven years cities are civil and the sheriff can not come in. While the cities can not have a contract with session court or the sheriff anything from the cities are civil must go to a civil circuit court of two jurisdiction one of session one of circuit. This does not exsist.


Now when the citizens stand in that court it would use session court produres jurisdiction and not state law and the circuit court side is use for mandamus sanctions against the cities,counties and the state after the citizen wins.


But that court was never built instead the citizen are put in jail under false arrest. Let me tell you of a good example of this just this month of Feb. 5, 2017 media reported the Tn. Supreme court said dui is unconstitutional so on Feb. 7 channel 3 news and others reported a citizen was arrested for dui.


Why they refused to understand that the law changes that afternoon. Well in the gay cases when they won they got marriage the next day and that is how it should work. Greed for the money at gun point. Now my voters that is slavery!


Now these two jurisdictional courts must appealed from a city court directly usin t.c.a. 27-4-101 so the citizen can get his triable de novo trial of seven judges .In this new civil trial the court records are transfered to circuit court 10 days before court date and they can  not use one piece of it can be used in the this new trial except the ticket. 


But instead the cities attorneys gave the cities judges a two mouths jurisdictional one penalty and one of punishment in their city charters and the counties attorney did the same thing for the session court. These people are Gaslighter Pres. Trump talked about.


But the Tn. Supreme said at least five times cities and session court can not do punishment because congress never gave them the power  to have a jury and the Tn. Title6 section 14 demands it. So basically everybody is in a debtor prison. With that being said

With that being said part two:


Tn. Supreme Court, Five times,Tn. Criminal court ten times and Tn. civil court of appeals one times said over the last seven years session courts of the state are the same as city courts and everything must be appeal to triable de nov of court of circuit court.


Which I say you can use t.c.a.27-5-101 and again that court was never built and the court clerk does not listen. While they put them all in the wrong courts and the wrong docket even when statue in t.c.a. says there is over two docket filings in circuit court but they have only one and they do this on purpose.


I even offered to bring in to them a new box for the five citizens filing that day. With that being said all these five filers for a triable de novo trial of seven judges with two mouths jurisdiction was dismiss with a judge with one jurdiction of state law and not of session court procedures. Each one of these filiers from the time they were given the ticket was in the wrong courts even this.


This one i did not have two mouths and not on judge or lawyer in any writings or statements never mention the word triable de novo appeal. Once again folks that is slavery.


When you ask the court clerk are why do you over ruled the higher courts decisions and orders, they say we must listen to city or county judges or the city or county attorneys. Well I told them they must listen to the Supreme court and not those people.


So here the catch, right now everyone are immune if you sued them the city or county attorneys tell the judge no claim sir to moot their immunity and there is no claim I try five times.Now if we used a triable de no vo court of circuit court and use t.c.a.27-5-101 there is no claim and when ticket givers at fault will get different types of sanctions can be had under  a triable de novo trial of seven judges with two mouths jurisdiction with circuit court's mandamus because you are defendant and not the plaintiff. Now!