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A Club of “A Great Men”call to their aid theI NNOCENT BY-STANDER#004


               Authenticated Certificate

under the clause of the constitution which prohibits slavery                                                        

           Using the Means of vindication Sec.4 On April 9 1866 which was adopted into the 14th amendment that says a Freemen’s Bureau Agent shall be, and they are hereby, specially authorized and required, at the expense of the United States to institute proceeding against all and everybody' who shall violate the provision of the act called Means of vindication act., they are hereby authorize and empowered, within their counties respectfully, with authority to summon and call to their aid a innocent bystander clause of the constitution which prohibits slavery



As a member of the Freedmen’s Bureau the Revised Act of 1866-Federal Act 241 ,1866- Who are they? Are they persons belonging to the Army or Navy of the United  States? And can you by act of Congress say that A B, who in fact is in civil life,  An attempt is made by this law, therefore, to   subvert a plain, palpable provision of the Federal Constitution by rendering civilians subject to military jurisdiction and affording them military protection. And you bring these great men in direct conflict with the civil authority 

We exempt him in fact from trial for any wrong whatever, murder, breach of the peace, or any crime that can be committed. You exempt the party committing such offenses from responsibility to the civil tribunals. 

This provision of this law is totally subversive  of the civil law of the land, and it is subjecting the civil authority in time of peace to the military authority. 

This Marine civilian is a Great Man  commissioners and agents are made judges, and judges in reference to title to lands, and judges, too, from whose decision there is to be no appeal


    Stop Constitution Violations and share my immunity an       A B, who in fact is in civil life, who is a Great Man and a    FREEMEN’S BUREAU COMMISSIONER            Authenticated this Certificate of an                   INNOCENT   BY-Stander #---and when used at our 10,000 member party and we win you will be immune from all crimes except Ten Commandment crimes for life hereby, specially authorized these certificate on Jan. 1,2009 as the first Great man federal Judge of this time                     ------Basil Marceaux Sr.--------------------------------------------------------

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