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Basil Mareceaux for tn. Governor
20.00 USD
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Won 17 Higher Court Decisions --Cities Are Civil

basil marceaux for tn.governor
50.00 USD
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Fight to make arrest easier! Force Recon marine! Wants All Oath Takers To Stand By It1

basil marceaux for tn.governor
100.00 USD
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Help Stop Other Oath Takers From Wining a Higher Office Because They Did Not Help Us with Their Old Position!

basil marceaux for tn.governor
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basil marceaux for tn. u.s. houes
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One of the problem here in Hamilton County is all officials works together because every body is immune so there are good ole bodies and no one care of wrong doings in the ranks unless they get caught red handed. and that does not happen. I'm not for that everybody must be accountable!


Here I am Tn.  Supreme court arguing and fighting for your rights to a fair trial!

Here I am supporting a citizen while he did a oral argument in the Tn.  supreme court asking is driving inTn a right or a priviege  !      But in all by cases  they said all cities are civil and have no state crimes in any cities of the state. I promise to listen to the citizens and they want courts to listen to higher court and stop everything from false arrest   to slavery         

Education one 

1st -Education is on the top of my list to make  state Tn.more accountable with their funds! While making the state Tn.the highest test scores in the country ---2nd- We must make our shcools saver and with my idea we must install a turnable  door in front of all entrance doors. This turnable door will have a metal detetcor built in and if it determined there is a metal object the door will stop turning. While door glass would be made bullet proof glass While all glass from eye level down would also be bullet proof glass.       3

Education 2

they saidListening to the citizens i must always put them  first. So during my campaign the students of our colleges usually have high debt and the thought of not graduating is a nightmare for them. .So I visited several graduations, let me tell you what I seen and thought. First they were all deck out great looking.


They were all happy jumping up and down as they walked across stage shaking hands and grabbing there doctrine in anything or Masters,etc..


Now they are lawyers, doctor they said. but now they must pass a state test and if they fail this test they can retake it but the longer it take the harder the test get and there are a lot of strudent who never pass. Who fault is it? Now they are not lawyers, doctors and now they are crying.



It is the school fault Let say a law student in there last 4 years of eight .so they just started, now the 2nd years started ,the law changes even though the books changes every years that law change is not in  that book or the next two he passes . Then he failed the state test because he was not taught though new theories.


Let talk about the nurses and doctor programs the same thing happen there too with new procedures and new medicines or outdated one the student does not know but it will be on the state test.


Well I do not think I am not for that anymore so i will make the second proclamation Which will make the last test in college the final one

A spacship platform here

Jobs  will be needed for the future of Hamilton County future success we will be calling on foreign investors to locatate here!                                                                                                                                                        During our daliy routine of praying   we look up in the sky.  so i would like to take Tennessee to the stars a place where no one thought of before. I wouldlike to see what it would take Spacex  and Wacker with Chattanooga State College  to  put a spaceship platform here in Tennessee and create thousands of jobs                                                                                              

Keeping families together!

Everyone will have a smile on your face!

I think I ike the Tn. Spreme court decisions on cerntain topics , but if where is something wrong for along time it must be fix!

The most important thing would be our open door policies. If a public offical hide from the citizen they are hiding something!